Since 1995, AREA has reached over 2 million viewers and transformed over 85 locations in all 5 boroughs. AREA has served
over 12,000 artists by providing space to create and present their work.

In 2015, AREA managed a portfolio of over 158,000 square feet
in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, including:

  • 130 work studios
  • 30 buildings
  • 6 lobby spaces
  • 12 performance spaces
  • 15 presentation spaces
  • 1 live/work residency

With a waitlist of over 300 artists, AREA will leverage the untapped resources of underutilized real estate to support
an increasing number of artists who would otherwise be priced out of New York City.


“My AREA studio has been a great opportunity! I have a large private space to work in. ...and all my creative progress has led to new gallery representation and several exhibitions."
                                                                                                     Roy Secord, AREA Studio Artist